Pardon the pun, but Iceland is one of the hottest tourist destinations around! An island of dramatic contrasts, Iceland is a landscape forged by fire and ice. Steaming lava fields and hot pools reflect its volcanic nature, while massive glaciers continue to sculpt the mountains and valleys, leaving thundering waterfalls and plunging fjords. Travel the “Golden Circle” where many natural scenic wonders are located and soak in the mineral rich natural baths of the Blue Lagoon. The Icelandic people combine a reverence for their Viking heritage and ancient language with an industrialized, progressive society. Discover the spectacular landscapes and proud people of this small island nation while extending your vacation the weekend after your cruise to Scandinavia and Russia.

Take advantage of Icelandair’s “Stopover” program and make the most of your layover in Reykjavik on your way home from Scandinavia.

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