All rooms are non-smoking where we match roommates. Items listed on this website are subject to change at any time. By providing payment you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined on this website.

Cancellation Policy: From the time of initial deposit, the cancellation penalty is $600. Cancellations made from February 8, 2018 up until the day of departure and “no-shows” will receive no refund. There is no refund in the event of interruption or cancellation after the start of the journey. Cancellation insurance is highly recommended. Information will be sent with your tour confirmation.

Travel Protection: Travel protection is recommended. Information will be sent with your tour confirmation.

Taxes, Service Charges, Government Fees and Gratuities: All taxes, service charges and government fees have been included in the cost of the tour package and airline tickets. Included taxes, surcharges and government fees are subject to change. Gratuities have been included in the rates shown for the Galapagos guides, local guides in each city, shipboard gratuities (including housekeeping, servers and guides), drivers, servers for included meals, and baggage handling in and out of each hotel.

Flights and Transfers: International or domestic airfare is not included in the tour rate. Transfers at the start and the end of our tour are included for those taking our International Flight Package. It is important that you not purchase airfare until you receive a confirmation letter which will contain specific flight parameters.

Park Fees: Galapagos National Park entrance fee and Galapagos Transit Control Card fees have been included in the rates shown.

Passport and Visa Requirements: A passport is necessary to travel on this itinerary. It must be valid for six months beyond the last day of the trip. At this time, no visas are necessary to enter Ecuador for those from the US and Canada. Passengers from other countries are requested to check with the Embassy of Ecuador to see if a visa is necessary.

This tour is operated by SAT

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