Jewish Heritage Tour of Poland - Amazing Journeys
  • Jewish Heritage Tour of Poland

  • October 8-14, 2018
  • Starting from $2499
  • For Adults of All Ages
  • Pre-Trip: Prague Pre-Tour

Prepare to embark on a life-changing journey, an experience that will affect the way you view the world from here on in. This amazing journey will take you on a discovery of our past as we visit the historically filled and culturally infused cities of Warsaw, Lodz and Krakow, as well as the surrounding areas. We’ll be exploring synagogues and cemeteries, museums and concentration camps –  places our ancestors may have lived or walked.  We’ll hear the atrocities of war at our visit to Auschwitz and the stories of a country’s rebirth in the more recent years.

This tour will leave you with more many more questions than answers. You will have the opportunity to hear stories, learn from scholars, interact with locals and grow as an individual. As Jews, there is a renewed interest in Poland as we search for the meaning that is our past.

Click here to watch a preview video of our Jewish Heritage Tour of Poland!


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