Antarctica Cruise for Jewish Singles - Amazing Journeys
  • Antarctica – The Ultimate Amazing Journey

  • February 10-22, 2020
  • Starting from $7999
  • For Jewish Singles of All Ages
  • Post-Trip: Iguazu Falls Post-Cruise
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Set foot on Antarctica – the seventh continent! Join us on a true adventure to a world of immense scale and visual splendor. Passing huge icebergs in the flat calm of a polar morning will reshape the way you look at your world. Encounter huge whales, enormous rookeries of penguins and stunning landscapes few have ever witnessed. Watch majestic albatross soar by the ship while crossing the Drake Passage. Brave the chill by taking an optional polar plunge. Witness immense icebergs and magnificent glaciers. Have your questions answered by Antarctic experts aboard the MS Midnatsol . Vivid emerald, violet tints, intense blue and crimson light – the Antarctic Peninsula is anything but a world of white desolation. This amazing expedition with a community of well-traveled Jewish Singles will introduce you to the magic of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

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