• Galapagos Islands & Ecuador

  • April 18-28, 2018
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  • For Jewish Singles in their 40s, 50s, 60s
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Simply put, there is no better place to appreciate the magic of our planet than the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands are a bucket list destination for good reason. Thanks to a lack of natural predators, friendly wildlife such as playful sea lions, gigantic sea tortoises and adapted blue-footed boobies let visitors get up close and personal. This archipelago of about 19 islands and many smaller islets sprinkled 620 miles off Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific Ocean is a double UNESCO World Heritage site (both land and sea are protected) and served as the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Each island boasts its own unique landscape, ranging from barren black volcanic rocks to swaths of white sand beaches melting into gemstone-blue waters. Each day, you will have the opportunity to explore the islands in a different way, from snorkeling to hiking and listening to lectures onboard to observing nature in the wild. The Galapagos Islands are a hotbed of exotic wildlife and picturesque landscapes and cruising through the islands allows you to see many of these impressive islands and their wildlife easily.  For four nights, we will sail throughout the islands, experiencing the amazing universe that makes this area truly unique.

Once on the mainland of Ecuador, visit the Equatorial Line Monument called “Middle of the World” and get a truly rare experience to stand in both the northern and southern hemispheres simultaneously. We will explore the Otavalo Market, filled with local crafts and handiwork, and spend time at the synagogue in Quito. Though small in size, Ecuador is uniquely endowed with a dramatic topography and a variety of climatic zones, vegetation, birds and wildlife. Within a matter of hours, you can go from rainforest to the high slopes of the Andes to the Pacific coast, while observing a breathtaking panorama of scenery and nature.

With a unique itinerary of discovery, you can uncover all that this diverse region has to offer. Add to this a great group of Jewish Singles and you’re sure to have an experience you’ll never forget.

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This trip is limited to 28 passengers.


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