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Looking to extend your vacation? We have two optional extensions from which to choose – either a four night package to Easter Island and Santiago or one night in Santiago!

Easter Island is a mystical hidden island off South America’s western coast. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is part of the Polynesian triangle. It is a land filled with authentic “Rapa Nui” culture that is present in ancient relics, exotic dances, language, legends, and typical food. Put your explorer hat on and discover the many “moai” statues across the island, the hidden caverns, and the unrestored sites that show impressive masonry skills.

Santiago de Chile is a dynamic and cosmopolitan capital. The city’s diversity shines through its contrasting neighborhoods. Explore the streets and discover beautiful and original art galleries, design shops, handicraft markets, as well as a great selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightlife. Learn more about the country in its great museums, wandering around the Central Market for a gastronomic experience, or escaping to the nearby mountains for fantastic views.

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