British Isles Cruise for Jewish Singles - Amazing Journeys
  • London Pre-Cruise

  • August 10-12 or 11-12, 2023
  • Starting from $449
  • For Jewish Singles
  • Main Trip: British Isles Cruise
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London is always a fun city and offers so many iconic things to see whether you’re a first-timer or have been there several times. This is a city that knows how to impress with a highlight around every corner. August is an exciting time to be in London as Buckingham Palace is open to the public for tours!  From Big Ben to the London Eye to the Tower of London, there is no shortage of amazing things to see. Our one or two-night pre-cruise package allows you to make the most of your visit to the British Isles and check off all those bucket list items prior to taking your British Isles cruise. Plus, it gives you peace of mind by flying in before the ship sets sail. With our one-night or two-night options, start making group connections right away as well as transferring to the ship with Amazing Journeys where we take care of all the details.

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