Nomadic Mongolia for Jewish Singles - Amazing Journeys
  • Nomadic Mongolia

  • July 1-12, 2025
  • Starting from $6399
  • For Jewish Singles

Discover Mongolia, a land of vast and varied landscapes.  Follow the footsteps of the infamous Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan), the founder of the Mongol Empire.  Meet nomadic families and discover the millennia-long story of living and migrating in harmony with nature.  Explore two of the country’s most iconic landscapes: a nature-lover’s playground of Terelj National Park, and the Gobi Desert, with its unforgettable Flaming Cliffs. Hike, ride horses and camels, and explore nomadic life and culture.  Experience the Naadam Festival, a celebration of Mongolia’s nomadic heritage and the “Three Manly Sports”: wrestling, horse racing and archery.  Delve into this relatively untouched country as you join together with a great group of Jewish Single travelers.  You’re sure to have an amazing experience you’ll never forget.

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On June 5, we hosted a Launch & Learn session to share some information about our Nomadic Mongolia trip. If you want to watch the recorded session, click here  passcode: 2025-Mongolia

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