FAQs - Amazing Journeys - Jewish Singles Tours


Q: Who does your cruise and tour programs attract?

A: Many of our cruises and tours are geared for singles in specific age groups, while others are open to any adult, married or single. We offer trips for many age ranges, each trip for a specific age range depending on the trip. We offer another group we call “Adults of All Ages,” geared for any adult, married or single beginning from age 21. Each trip website will state the group that the vacation is being planned for.

Q: What is the average age on your trips?

A: It varies from trip to trip. Our singles cruises and Jewish singles tours are each specified for a particular age range and as we get closer to the date of travel, each age range fills out and the age brackets are well represented and fairly even. Our groups for “Adults of All Ages” attract every age group.

Q: How many people do you take on each trip?

A: Our groups vary in size. Generally on cruises, we have between 50 – 100 passengers on each cruise. Some singles vacations, such as land tours, are geared to smaller numbers and we may offer some packages that will be limited due to limited seating on a motorcoach.

Q: What is the male to female ratio?

A: While our goal is to get a fair ratio, we strive for as balanced a ratio as possible. We work hard to make this happen and have strategies in place to do so. It is our hope, however, that our trips will attract those who are looking for an awesome experience in travel with a great group of people; seeing new places and making new friendships along the way, whether male or female.

Q: Where have you traveled to in the past?

A: Everywhere! We have traveled to all 7 continents. In the past few years, we have offered trips to the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, Greece and Italy, the British Isles, Scandinavia and Russia, Costa Rica, South America, the Grand Canyon, the Mediterranean, Antarctica, and more.

Q: What trips are you planning in the future?

A: We base our offerings on what our passengers tell us they want! We offer a variety of trips and tours worldwide, to a variety of places. Our itineraries change yearly. Please give us your feedback and suggestions so that we can offer what you would like. Email us at info@amazingjourneys.net.

Q: Do people travel alone?

A: We understand that your first Amazing Journey can be intimidating, so we cater especially to the solo traveler. As soon as you meet us at our destination, rest assured that you will be warmly welcomed by the best staff in the industry who will make you feel comfortable right from the beginning. Every trip begins with a welcome program and icebreaker to help all members of our group get integrated and friendly with one another, and before you leave the room we guarantee you will have made headway on many new friendships. Throughout the trip, exclusive group events and tours are planned daily so that you always have opportunities to interact with the group. In addition, we offer roommate matching so that you never have to pay a single supplement, unless you prefer your own room.

Q: Where do your passengers come from?

A: Our passengers come from all over the United States, Canada and many international destinations. In the past, our guests have joined us from England, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, many countries within South America and beyond. Our global presence adds to the opportunities to share experiences and make new friendships from around the world.

Q: Are your trips only for Jewish Singles?

A: No. We offer some trips for Jewish singles and others for Jewish singles and couples together. We also offer private tours for family reunions and groups of friends who want to travel together to celebrate a special birthday, a special anniversary gathering, or just “the girls” going away together. If you have a group you want to put together, or are a member of a club or an organization and would like to plan a travel program for a group other than Jewish Singles and couples, please e-mail us at info@amazingjourneys.net.

Q: Do you have Kosher foods available on your trips?

A: Some of the cruises and tours we offer have Kosher meal options, while others do not. All of the cruise lines offer many choices of foods so that one may pick and choose whatever they’d like from the menu, including vegetarian and fish entrees. On our tours, we can always provide vegetarian options.

Q: Can I book this trip on my own and still join the singles group activities?

A: No. If you want to be part of our singles group, you do need to book the trip through our agency. Amazing Journeys is the official agency organizing these cruises and tours, and all of the activities associated with them. The singles activities are not conducted by other agencies or by the cruise line, hotels or tour operators. All of these extra amenities and activities are exclusive to our singles groups.