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A Journey of 1200 Miles

Nov 11, 2009

And, what an amazing journey it was! From Arizona to Utah to Nevada, this terrific group of travelers relished in some of the most incredible weather, scenery and friendships during our 1200 mile journey from Scottsdale to Sedona, Lake Powell, Las Vegas and of course the highlights of The Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Home again…naturally. But not for long, for Amazing Journeys as we look ahead to many more adventures in 2010.

In the meantime, thanks to a wonderful group of friendly travelers who filled this journey with many memories and friendships.

Below are answers to the most recent blog’s test of your knowledge of this region. How well did you do?

1. Which National Park isn’t really a Canyon?
a) Grand Canyon
b) Zion
c) Bryce Canyon
2. This hotel was the very first hotel and casino on Highway 91 (now know as the Las Vegas Strip):
a) Sands
b) El Rancho
c) New York New York
d) Flamingo
3. Fact: The geological story of the three National Parks we are visiting are actually chronologically related. Records within the past 2 billion years reveal that geologic development of each park began when that of the other park ended. Which is the correct order of “oldest” to “youngest”?
a) Grand Canyon >> Zion >> Bryce Canyon
b) Zion >> Bryce Canyon >> Grand Canyon
c) Bryce Canyon >> Grand Canyon >> Zion
4. Which of the following is a current threat to the preservation of the Grand Canyon?
a) erosion from the Colorado River
b) uranium mining
c) a government ordinance to redevelop some of the land
d) terrorism
5. Fact: The majority of Zion National Park’s visitors come during the spring and fall seasons with the months of December thru March being more offseason. Total annual visitation in 1920 was less than 4,000. Approximately how many people visit the Park annually today?
a) close to 10,000
b) close to 500,000
c) close to 3 million

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