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AJ Staff Picks – Cocktails Edition

May 3, 2016


At Amazing Journeys, we think travel is seriously fun!  Over the years, we have clocked thousands of miles traveling by trains, planes and automobiles and now we want to share some “insider information” from our travels around the world.

In this third edition of Staff Picks, we’re sharing our favorite drinks from the road.  With each destination offering up their ‘signature drink’, we’ve picked our favorite and explain why it is at the top of our list!


Malori: It was a drink hand-crafted just for me.  I’ll call it Malori’s Delight because it was!  At the Le Chateau Frontenac in Old Quebec City in Canada, we took at seat at 1608 Bar.  The bar itself was gorgeous and we had stunning views of the St. Lawrence River below.  Our bartender asked what I liked to drink and when I told him vodka, he took out a bottle of gin.  That’s where it began.  A sprig of rosemary, another liqueur or two, everything lit on fire inside the glass to get a smoky taste, topped off with lemon and who knows what else and viola!  Malori’s Delight was born and it was delicious!

Stacey: Favorite drink per country?  Recently in Zimbabwe we fell in love with a Zim Shandy which is a local orange juice, ginger beer, sprite, bitters and vodka.  In Ireland we loved a Jameson, Ginger & Lime.  In Peru, it’s the classic Pisco Sour.  In…

Erin: If given the choice between a cocktail and a dessert, I will pick the dessert 100% of the time.  And my favorite dessert ever?  Hula pie in Hawaii!  Imagine macadamia nut ice cream piled high on a chocolate cookie crust and topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and more macadamia nuts. And then picture eating it on a patio in Honolulu watching the sun set over Waikiki Beach! It does not get any better than that my friends!


Michele: This would just depend on where I am, of course!  I always like to try a local specialty so in Peru a Pisco Sour is a must but beware of their strength coupled with the altitude, as this recipe has a mind of its own!  In Hawaii, a Mai Tai, please.  When at sea on a beautiful ship with endless possibilities, my favorite is a picture perfect chocolate martini with a splash of banana liquor.  Cheers!



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