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An Olympic Sized Amazing Journey

Oct 30, 2008

Amazing Journeys heads off to China this weekend; Bill, Malori and a group of 52 strong from all over North America (and the world!). All those great sights you saw on television during the Olympics will be seen by us, including The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Tianamen Square, The Terra Cotta Warriors, the emperor’s Summer Palace, event Nanjing Road and a foot massage (there are foot massage facilities located throughout China like Starbucks is located throughout America) as well as a fascinating tour of Jewish China in Shanghai.

This is going to be a truly remarkable journey of amazing proportions as we visit a history and culture unparallelled in any land across the globe.
By the way….fortune cookies in China? Nope! Not a Chinese custom–we invented that over here in the west. But…snake on a stick or fried scorpions? Now THAT wasn’t chicken.
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