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Hanukkah Shopping Guide: Travelers Edition

Nov 30, 2012

With Hanukkah right around the corner, we are all racking our brains, trying to decide on that perfect gift for friends, family, or what to tell others we want… Amazing Journeys to the rescue! Here is our Top Ten Travel Gift Idea list! Buy for others or share the list to hint at what you want! Click on the pictures for more details or search the web for other similar options.

10. Lightweight fleece

It’s always a good idea to have an extra layer when you travel – you never know when the temperature might drop or the rain clouds may roll in. Throw a fleece in your suitcase and you will always be prepared for unexpected weather.


9. Neck wallet

When traveling in foreign countries, it’s smart to keep your money, credit cards and passport under your clothes and out of plain sight. This neck wallet is thin and won’t be bulky under your clothes, and allows you to carry everything with you without looking like a tourist.


8. Luggage scale

Avoid paying overage charges at the airport by making sure your suitcase is the right weight. You can even pack it so you know how many souvenirs you can bring back with you!


7. Electric adapter set

Plug in your appliances in any country you visit. Pick an adapter set that has many options so you will always be able to charge up those trusty electronics, no matter what part of the world you are in.


6. Longchamp purse

As worn by AJ staffers Malori, Erin and Stacey, it is a favorite travel accessory. Black is our “go-to” color, but it comes in many shades as well as sizes. We think the large shoulder tote is the perfect size. Although there are a lot of knock-off’s of these brands, we’ve tried many, so trust us when we say that the one made by Longchamp will hold up where the knock-offs have lasted anywhere from a day to a year.


5. Baggallini travel bag

Great for exploring, this bag can be used across your body, allowing for more security while still providing easy access to everything you need. These bags come in a bunch of fun colors so not only are you traveling safely, but stylishly too!


4. A good travel book

Whether you’re reading up on your next destination, learning about a new culture or just escaping from reality, its always great to travel with a book. And who knows? When you’re done with your book, you can always trade with a friend on your trip and read their new favorite, too!


3. Toiletry case

These cases allow you to be super organized. You will be sure to pack everything you need while making sure you don’t schlep those huge bottles of shampoo for a week long vacation. When you get home from your trip, just refill the used items and put the bag away until your next trip. It will be all packed up and ready to go, saving you hours of prep time for your next journey.


2. Global Entry pass

Global Entry is a program that allows pre-approved travelers the opportunity travel easier at the airport. Once you have been approved for Global Entry, you can use this for Pre-Check, a special quick security line in most major US airports, allowing you to breeze through while keeping your shoes and belt on, your liquids stored away and your laptop snuggly in your carry-on. How nice is that? There is an application process but we think it’s worth the work upfront, knowing how much time it will save at the airport. Available for US citizens only.


1. Packing cubes
packing cubes

This is the very favorite of our AJ staffers. If you’re looking for an easy way to pack and unpack while on tour, here is your answer! Throw all of your socks into one, your accessories in another and your shirts into the larger one. When its time to unpack in your stateroom or hotel room, you know where everything is and you’re done in 3 minutes. Simply unzip the cube, open the top, and lay right inside of the drawer. When it’s time to pack it up again, zip it all up and throw it in the suitcase. Only staying at the hotel for a day or two? Leave it all in the suitcase and reach right in to easily find what you are seeking!


Enjoy your holiday shopping, happy Hanukkah and hope to travel with you soon!

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