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Home Sweet Home

Nov 18, 2008

At the end of an Amazing Journey, we often say “the easiest way to say goodbye, is to make plans to see each other again”. Having just returned home from China with 52 exhausted but exhilarated passengers from across 13 US states and four countries, the feeling of being home again is bittersweet. There’s nothing like the comfort of home, but the excitement and adventure of visiting a land most people only dream of visiting is a phenomenon that just can’t be ignored.

To walk on The Great Wall….to view the Terra Cotta Warriors….to order food in an authentic Chinese restaurant…to enjoy the more-common-than-you-think ritual of a foot massage….to tour the ancient yet mezmorizing Jewish ghetto of Shanghai…to ride a rickshaw through the “Hutongs” community…..and to just wander and see for oneself what an odd but fascinating place China truly is, is well, truly fascinating.

If you’re a traveler and have seen places outside the good ol’ USA…good for you. If you’ve dreamed of visiting a far away land–whether it be Europe or Australia, Peru or Japan, or maybe just the Caribbean or Alaska–you need to get out there and do it. Life’s just too short. The world is waiting for you to explore and Amazing Journeys is proud to be your source to do so.

And so, as the China group relishes the memories and experiences gone by…we hope that for those who have traveled with us recently (to Alaska, South America, Egypt & Greece, the Galapagos Islands and many more), “we make plans to see each other again”. And for those who have yet to make such a plan, we share with you one of our favorite quotes: “Its not just about where your dreams take you, its where you take your dreams.” Add to that the Amazing Journeys tagline: “Vacations that can change your life”, and you have a recipe that can fill your life with new experiences, new appreciations and especially new & wonderful friends.

Home Sweet Home, indeed…but the world is a beautiful place to visit. Let us show you how.

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