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Traveling isn’t spooky. Just sometimes weird!

Nov 16, 2009

Anyone who works in the travel world will tell you that while the pleasures of seeing the world trump almost anything that tries to stand in the way of another lifetime experience, there are some crazy things happening out there. Heck, there are some crazy people doing and sayingcrazy things out there.

When “Great Hotels of the World (GHOW)”, an alliance of the world’s finest luxury hotels and resorts, posted a list of strange guest requests, we here at Amazing Journeys nodded our heads and smirked in total undeniability of the head scratching scenarios we choose to lend our hand with almost every day.
I was curious about the best of their funny hotel requests, so I dug a little deeper.
Yes, these are strange…but true:
1. Can you ‘turn down’ the ocean? The crashing waves at Gran Hotel Elba Estepona & Thalasso Spa irritated a guest so much, he asked the hotel staff if there was anything they could do about it. There wasn’t. d-uh!


2. My dog needs her own room. An obviously rich couple with money to burn (and brain cells that must have already been burnt) at Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella booked two executive deluxe suites—one for them, and one for their “beautiful dog.”
2a. Not to be outdone here at Amazing Journeys: We once received a call from a guy who wanted to know if he could bring his dog on our Caribbean cruise. When we told him unfortunately not, he said he couldn’t go “because he promised Fluffy a vacation this year.”
Brings a whole new meaning to “the poop deck”!


3. How much for the bed? At Shanghai Mansion, a pair of guests liked their bed so much, they requested to have the whole thing—including the silk pillows—boxed up and sent to Europe.


4. Can you cut the feet off my bed? At Hotel Puente Romano, a VIP guest felt his bed was altogether too high and wanted it lowered. The staff wasn’t having any of this, thank goodness.


5. Can you cut holes in my sheets? A guest at Dom Pedro Palace requested that three holes be made in the bedsheets in order for her to sleep in them. We figure this is either some type of witchcraft, or an anticipated game of “look, I’m a ghost!”
And now…a few more strange but true real life favorites, personally attested to and experienced by the Amazing Journeys staff:
6. The last time I visited this island it was very sunny and pleasant – not like this. I’m not going to travel with your group any more. My last group had much better weather.
7. You mean the ship doesn’t pick me up in Kansas?
8. In Nova Scotia our Guide was wearing a kilt – Russel G. asked, “Do you know where I can pick up a kilt like this?” Guide answered. “For $500.00 you can pick up mine!”
9. From a Californian – Should I get some money exchanged before I leave for Alaska?
10. MW: “I’m assuming our group is mostly American
AJ: “Yes
MW: “So I don’t have to worry there will be bathroom stops along the way?”
AJ:”Yes, we do stop for bathroom breaks but I’m not sure what being American has to do with it
MW: “I just think it is a cultural thing
AJ: “I wasn’t aware of that so thank you.”
ok…AND sometimes spooky!
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